Off site events!

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Off site events!


We are deciding to leave 10 West Main and exclusively do on the go canvas and crafts!
With a 10 person minimum we can bring all you need for a fun night of crafting/painting with friends for birthday parties, get togethers, office parties and holiday parties! If you have a space in mind but not enough tables and chairs for everyone? No problem for a small additional price we can haul in tables and chairs for up to 35 people!


*minimum of 8 people per party

  • 16X20 canvas painting $30
  • Small wooden board $25
  • Medium wooden board $30
  • Large wooden board $40
  • Wooden Key/jewelry holder $25
  • Beer openers $25

* minimum of 10 people per party.

  • Slate coasters (set of 4) $20
  • 11X14 canvas painting $20

$250. -Kids birthday (11×14 Canvas Painting for 10 kids with tables and chairs)

$60- Rental of tables and chairs for up to 35 people

When it comes to paying for seats there are two options! The host can pay for all seats of we can make an event on our calendar and each person can pay separate!


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